— Sugar & Cypress — the story of us —

Where do we start??? It feels like we’ve been best friends forever. How we became friends and how we stayed friends really stem from the same profound concept…the fact that we are same, yet very different.

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We met the first week of Freshman year during Sorority Recruitment. The central quad of our school, which usually provided students with a quiet reprieve from classes was filled wall to wall with excited, chatty and well dressed sorority hopefuls. Somehow weeding our way through the masses we stumbled upon each other. Not only were we in matching identical outfits from the popular at the time Abercrombie & Fitch, but we also quickly discovered we shared the same name and family background with both our fathers serving in the military.


Through Spring Break escapades, study session all nighters, silly boy heartbreaks, football tailgates, apartment musical chairs, each of us moving across the country…multiple times… and a reality show or two our friendship has continued to grow and remain as strong as ever. We finally found ourselves after all these years not only living in the same city, but in the same home.


We’re beyond excited to be in this next stage of our lives together. With one of us learning how to be a fiancé and future wife, and the other one learning how to fulfill all the duties that come along with being the Maid of Honor, we’re sure to experience our fair share of comical adventures.


One thing we’ve found is that to build and maintain a true, unconditional friendship there are a few important qualities to abide by…Always be yourself, never force things, let each other make their own decisions regardless of your own opinion, be there to support each other when someone makes a mistake, leave something good behind everywhere you go and remember that you have something special to offer.



After a few weeks of being on cloud nine and partying with friends and family… I finally sat my fiancé (AH!! I love saying that) down to write our story. Secretly, I just wanted to see what he would write because on my end I’ll be honest my heart could explode from the love that I feel for this guy and the people we are becoming together. So just as I suspected he didn’t let me down.
And so he wrote…

“I had been single for some time, meeting a number of girls that all had great potential but for one reason or another, I knew from the start that didn’t have the “special something” that I was looking for. Friends all tried setting me up…however unsuccessfully. So when my brothers girlfriend told me she had a friend that was perfect for me, and was on The Bachelor no less, needless to say I wasn’t holding my breath (I didn’t even bother looking her up online). The night came that I was supposed to meet “Lindsay Yenter, from The Bachelor.” I was living in downtown San Diego, waiting for the call to head out and meet up with yet another setup. It became 9 o’clock, 10 o’clock, 11 o’clock pm and still no word. At that point, I gave up any hope of going out and started getting comfortable on the couch, throwing back a few drinks with my roommate. It wasn’t until 11:45pm that I finally got the call, so it took considerable coaxing to get me up off the couch and out so late, but I figured… hey, what have I got to lose? And thank God I did! After an amazing night of drinking and dancing, a Friday night blind date picked up again for Saturday morning brunch. Brunch continued with biking up and down the beach boardwalk followed by another unforgettable night out with friends. I just didn’t want to leave her side… ever! The next morning we met again for breakfast before she had to return home to Orange County. I had never felt or experienced what I was with Lindsay, and I knew I had finally found that “special something”. From then on, we’ve spent every possible moment we could together and our connection has been getting stronger every day since.


When it became time to pop the big question, I wanted to do something personal and representative of our relationship. I bought the ring (of which Lindsay was acutely aware) and therefore had the near-impossible task of creating an element of surprise that unfortunately didn’t exist. Any deviation from our normal routine would surely raise suspicions. The idea then was to have a fun-filled day packed with meaningful moments replicating memorable experiences from throughout our relationship, any of which could’ve potentially lead to that “magic moment.” The day began with a trip out with our dog to the farmer’s market, then on to brunch at our favorite dog-friendly beachfront café, followed by a leisurely stroll along the sand and pier, including at one point pretending to get down on one knee but instead giving our dog a good belly rub!


We then headed back home to freshen up and ensure Lindsay looked her normal beautiful, dolled-up self in case an occasion strikes that could result in pictures being taken. 🙂 Our day full of mini-dates continued with a sunset dinner overlooking the bay. The sun had set and the dinner bill was paid… still with no sign of a ring. After dinner, a walking mood struck me, so we headed out on foot down to the harbor. As we approached the water, however, we just happened to stumble into Lindsay’s best friend Lyndsey, my “secret” photographer, who coincidentally was walking along the water at the same place and time with her camera, despite supposedly having plans in North County with friends. Obviously shocked and Lindsay onto our little surprise, we continued walking, awkwardly with Lyndsey trailing a few steps behind, along the water. Eventually realizing any element of surprise had been hopelessly lost, I proceeded to get down on one knee (for real this time) and declare my love. She said yes and made me the luckiest guy in the world!!


After the proposal all anxiety could be relieved, Lindsay and I left Lyndsey and immediately jumped in an awaiting cab to proceed to our next date: cocktails at the Top of the Hyatt lounge. After a quick drink, a casual suggestion was made to get some ice cream to satisfy my ever-present sweet tooth. We again hopped in a cab to take us to our dessert destination, however instead stepped out on a downtown corner and began to walk. On the next block corner stood a group of our close friends cheering our arrival, outside of the bar where we first met approximately a year and a half earlier. The champagne flowed all night in celebration of our engagement, and for the next exciting chapter of our lives together!”


Why I said yes… Quite simply he is my good morning kiss, my Mr. fixer upper, the pangs from my laughter, my get away car, my sweet nothing’s and my forever home. I am counting down the days until I become Mrs. Swanson forever and always.


Special thank you for all the love and support we have received from our wonderful social media followers. We are humbled and excited to share this journey with you!

diy- chalkboard door





we are completely obsessed with our new chalkboard door! an amazing canvas for each season, or daily reminder and super easy to personalize to your own home.

all you need is a blank canvas, some chalkboard paint, chalk or chalkboard pens and your all set! we used the rust-oleum chalkboard paint available at Home Depot, and chalkboard pens which can be found at your local craft store. (we found the pens work easier on larger surfaces and provide cleaner lines).

see below for some inspirational chalkboard templates! make sure to follow our pinterest profile for more idea inspirations!

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