— Sugar & Cypress — the story of us —

Where do we start??? It feels like we’ve been best friends forever. How we became friends and how we stayed friends really stem from the same profound concept…the fact that we are same, yet very different.

IMG_7188               IMG_7170

We met the first week of Freshman year during Sorority Recruitment. The central quad of our school, which usually provided students with a quiet reprieve from classes was filled wall to wall with excited, chatty and well dressed sorority hopefuls. Somehow weeding our way through the masses we stumbled upon each other. Not only were we in matching identical outfits from the popular at the time Abercrombie & Fitch, but we also quickly discovered we shared the same name and family background with both our fathers serving in the military.


Through Spring Break escapades, study session all nighters, silly boy heartbreaks, football tailgates, apartment musical chairs, each of us moving across the country…multiple times… and a reality show or two our friendship has continued to grow and remain as strong as ever. We finally found ourselves after all these years not only living in the same city, but in the same home.


We’re beyond excited to be in this next stage of our lives together. With one of us learning how to be a fiancé and future wife, and the other one learning how to fulfill all the duties that come along with being the Maid of Honor, we’re sure to experience our fair share of comical adventures.


One thing we’ve found is that to build and maintain a true, unconditional friendship there are a few important qualities to abide by…Always be yourself, never force things, let each other make their own decisions regardless of your own opinion, be there to support each other when someone makes a mistake, leave something good behind everywhere you go and remember that you have something special to offer.


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