diy- from shabby to chic

i have been staring at this old piece of furniture in our guest room for a while now… this dresser was a hand-me-down from a dear friend, it had been loved on pretty hard… let’s just say it had seen better days… but we need the storage so the thought of throwing it out bothered me. through a little pinning and brainstorming we developed our design. our guest room is light and airy with a shabby chic feel. we felt that a distressed white piece would look great. we couldn’t be happier with the results!! below is a step-by-step how to!

supplies needed:
-white spray paint; depending on the size of the piece the amount will vary (we used 4 cans)
-dark brown spray paint
-light grey pant (we used the color Sharkey Grey)
-tarp and painter’s tape
-a sander or sandpaper
-a partner in crime to laugh with you after you accidentally spray your foot white, a fiancé that laughs at you while he watches you try to use a sander (I wouldn’t let him help me, GIRL POWER) and let’s not forget a dog that wants to play fetch throughout the project.

step one: with the white spray paint, spray the parts of the furniture you want white

step two: wait for the paint to dry, then cover the newly painted areas with tarp and spray paint the top a deep brown


step three: lightly whisk light grey paint randomly onto the white areas of the dresser (make sure there is only a little amount of paint on the brush)

step four: use sandpaper or a sander to lightly distress the edges and anywhere you desire (the great thing about this project is you can make it your own… you can’t really go wrong)


step five: step back and enjoy your new dresser… eat your heart out pottery barn ♥




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