Last for Summer Look

It was the last little bit of warm summer weather before the chilly fall and winter air decided to set in. The sun was shining bright at the Bridal Shower for our Future Mrs. Swanson! Find all the outfit details below of this transitional fall look!

Dress Similar Here,  ShoesVest Similar Here








5 thoughts on “Last for Summer Look

  1. Tania Novak says:

    Hello Ladies! I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your beautiful blog. I’m one of your followers in Melbourne, Australia. I take the risk of looking like an idiot here, but pardon the ignorance when I ask you about the last photo on this last post of yours. There is a piece of jewellery (yes, our spelling of jewellery) featured that is like a bracelet and a ring joined by a chain. Yes, I have seen them online before but I don’t know what these pieces are called. Are you able to tell me? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks. Tania

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  2. Tania Novak says:

    Hello, you sent me a response but your response didn’t come through. What do you call the bracelet/ring combo that was featured in your last post? It’s joined together with a chain. I don’t want the brand name, it’s not a ring, it’s not a bracelet… what is it?

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